This past Monday, June 4th, after our 'CrossFit Kids' finished training, one of our kids approached me a said, "Friday, after CrossFit Kids, my mom got me a treat that she shouldn't have given me."

I asked, "What was it?"
She said, "A smoothie."

Bless her little heart, she was right! A smoothie is just frozen sugar water. There was probably 50g of sugar in it.

There were several facts about the 'declaration' that I found interesting.
1-This happened on Friday. In spite of all the events that may have happened during this 10 year old little girls' weekend, she remembered it on Monday afternoon.
2-She was aware that the smoothie wasn't a healthy treat.
3-She determined it was important to tell me.

At 10, she is going to consume what mom gives her. (at 10, we all would!)
What if mom had given her a dvd, coloring book, book to read, a trip to the roller rink, trip to the movie theatre, etc. Would the young Crossfitter be appreciative and satisfied?


Parents: STOP GIVING CHILDREN SUGAR TREATS!!! We as parents are addicted to sugar. Perhaps your parents gave you sugar filled treats. Perhaps your great grandparents gave your grandparents treats of sugar filled pies and cookies and cakes and muffins.
Just 100 years ago, we were using 6-8000 calories a day, tending the fields and chopping wood, etc. Today, we may only 'burn' 1100 calories a day sitting at our desks in front of a computer.

Many of our children are sitting all day in school and sitting with a game boy or computer video game when they get home. Again, they are 'burning' maybe 1000-1500 calories a day. That one smoothie, depending on size, has somewhere between 100 and 500 calories or MORE.Unnecessary calories. Now add to it meals and other unhealthy foods during the day and you an overload of calories and overweight kids. The addiction continues, from one generation to the next!!

Times have changed, and we must change our behavior, and how we 'treat' our children.


K. Marie said...

Wow. you've really given me something to think about. Thank you. We can not make the Wednesday night meeting, as I have a work meeting at the exact same time, is there another one coming up? My son and I are looking for some way to eat better and exercise. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and desperately need to make some major lifestyle changes.In addition to that , I am afraid for my son's health if we don't. I don't want him to end up with diabetes before he graduates.He just turned 11. So the blog on your website about 10 year olds eating what there parents give them really struck a cord.Thanks.

anna-spanna said...

great idea ,there is not enough fitness related clubs/organisations out there for kids.what was in the smoothie?do you regard fructose as bad sugar?